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Ralph said, "Today I was in the back lane with my stuff, and these guys came and beat me up pretty bad..."...Read More
- Donna Dyck

God has been speaking to many about His heart for the city and for the re-build work. We have been encouraged and inspired to hear what others have to say about this re-build and restoring brokenness in the city.

This re-build campaign is not simply a capital campaign, it is a journey that many have already joined in and we know that thousands more will share. The stories we share encourage our hearts, give glory to God and inspire us.

If you have visited Toronto Alliance Church and have a story to tell, well this is the place where it will be heard by all.

Maybe you’ve been on a FUSION Toronto trip and want to describe that for others; maybe you’ve helped out at a Community Night Dinner and want to let others know what that’s like; or maybe you’ve felt the peace and healing of God by experiencing the ministry of TAC… then you should say something… say it here.