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- Charles Nienkirchen

Why a building?

To be a home for Toronto Alliance Church and all its ministries.

  • Our present rented second floor store-front is filled beyond capacity each week for worship and street outreach.

To serve as a hub from which other downtown ministries are started and supported.

  • We seek to be a reproducing congregation in the heart of the city.

To be a much needed home to other churches and organizations

  • Congregations who worship in other languages and ministries who share our mission and values also need affordable space.

To eliminate cost as rent in downtown Toronto is unsustainable.

  • This applies sppecifically as we continue to expand and relocate to street level.

To give a transient downtown population a sense of permanence and home base.

  • This is significant especially to the homeless and those constantly being uprooted or on the move.