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- Charles Nienkirchen

Ralph is a long time friend at TAC. He is one of our homeless guests many Saturday nights. Ralph lives in one of the back alleys not far from the church.

Ralph came up to see Pastor Bill the other day with a 2x4 of wood in his hands. He told Bill this story.

"Today I was in the back lane with my stuff, and these guys came and beat me up pretty bad. I was going to slug them with this 2x4 across their heads. (And Ralph would have - he has been in and out of prison many times for similar things.) He said, "Then this idea popped into my head, 'What would the Pastor do?'

So I put down my wood and instead, gave them my coat and a few pieces of clothing I had laying near my coat. These guys were so happy. They walked away. I just had to come and tell you Pastor."

Ralph was very pleased with himself and had to share the good news of a wise decision. Ralph knows Jesus, but alcohol has a cruel grip on his life. We pray for his complete freedom.

Donna Dyck - Toronto Alliance Church

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