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"The love of the Lord and the love of his people is so evident in your church."...Read More
- Jackie

"Toronto Alliance Church - (this visit was the most interesting part of the trip) I appreciate the fact that each local church needs the District office and the national office to function efficiently and belong and share the vision of the Alliance church as a whole.

This church looked the poorest in terms of building appearance in comparison to the District and National offices but the richest place of them all! Why? Because they are doing exactly what Jesus wanted us to do.

Jesus befriended the friendless, the rejected, the lonely, the lost, the prostitutes, the sick, the sinner and everyone else. Jesus fed the masses of people. This church is doing exactly what Jesus commanded us to do. People ARE responding and seeing something different at this church!!

This church will be packed with saved sinners. I thanked God for committed people like Rev. Dyck and his family and his pastoral team. You need a burning passion for the Lord and lost souls to do this kind of sacrificial work.

For this church to raise almost $50,000 towards their building fund on one Sunday is one way God is affirming his plans for this church. I firmly believe that God will provide them with an efficient building to carry on their work and bless them."

Suba - Quinte Alliance Church, Belleville ON

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