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Why We Ask for Support from Beyond Our Own Congregation

  • Our work is so significantly among the poor; we give extensively to those who are not able to give back or contribute significantly to a building campaign.
  • It is a work that enriches the lives of many outside of our church.
  • We believe that the vision of rebuilding the church in the urban core resonates in the hearts of many.
  • From the beginning, it has been a work that has been larger than our own congregation and we continue to look beyond our congregation for support in prayer, in workers and in finances. It is a unique parish that many individuals and churches feel passionate about even though they do not live here.

Re-build Property Purchase - Giving Options:

  1. Cheque / Money Order - send to Toronto Alliance Church - re-build, 602 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON  M6J 1E3
  2. Donate Online (click here to open up a new page at canadahelps.org)
  3. Giving us a Hand – We have sensed that God wants this re-build story shared across the globe for His renown and His glory. So please share the re-build story with 5 friends or family - Copy the following link and email it to 5 people you know...  http://re-build.ca/alliance/giving

Total Funds Needed - $5 million

Money in the Bank - $1.000,000

Pledges to Date - $430,000

Total Response to Date - $1,430,000