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- Charles Nienkirchen

100 years ago, the Alliance had a remarkable presence in the urban core of Toronto. By any standards, their life and ministry were admirable.

They “tramped the lanes and alleys (sometimes in the dead of night), feeding the poor, praying over the sick, comforting the sad, counseling the frustrated, and encouraging the unfortunate . . .

They established the Toronto Mission Union in 1884 which, at its zenith, operated five mission halls, a senior citizens home, a convalescent home and Toronto’s first home nursing service.

In Bethany Home, people in material, physical and spiritual distress were ministered to at no cost. Bethany Workingman’s Home housed, fed and preached the gospel to ninety men each night.

They turned a brawling billiards hall into a renowned Alliance missions centre.”

Excerpts taken from Lindsay Reynolds, Footprints (89, 214, 290, 330, 332)